Why Should it Interest me?

The Spirit of Tasmania is the Vessel (Vehicle) of a Sea Highway and needs to be looked at like a Highway anywhere in Australia.  It is the Vessel that connects Devonport to Melbourne just like the Midland Highway connects Launceston and Hobart or the Hume Highway connects Sydney and Melbourne.  It is vital to the infrastructure that supports Tasmania and keeps us open to the rest of Australia and the world.


If we were going to do a road trip between Launceston and Hobart or Sydney and Melbourne it would not cost a cent and if at the last minute you changed your mind you don’t have to pay any cancellation fees, except if you travel from Devonport to Melbourne!

We have a National Highway System in Australia which is funded by the Federal Government with one exception – no Highway to Tasmania!


Information costs as at 9 October 2017: Depart on the 16th October 2017 for 2 people, travelling in a Toyota Camry.


Journey 1:  Melbourne to Wagga Wagga - 452 km - National Highway M31 $50.27.


Journey 2:  Melbourne to Devonport - 447 km - State Route 30 $917.00.


The Federal Government needs to change the Rogue Sea Highway to a National Sea Highway opening many opportunities for all Australians.


Bass Strait; CHEAPEST Federal Highway in Australia to provide and maintain!  WHY DO WE PAY EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS FOR ITS USE?


Tasmania has missed a lot of opportunities as people wishing to travel in a vehicle cannot decide they will go to Tasmania this weekend as the Spirit of Tasmania is always heavily booked and even more so if you are trying to bring a vehicle, let allow tow anything behind the vehicle.


So why aren’t we as Tasmanians being treated the same as the rest of Australia?

Travel across Bass Strait should be the same price as the same distance by road.  Melbourne to Wagga Wagga is the same distance as Devonport to Melbourne and it should be the same price!

We might have a ship that connects us to Mainland Australia but there is no one to maintain the Sea Road from Devonport to Melbourne.


We all need to support the National Sea Highway Coalition not only to give us all the opportunity to visit the mainland when we wish but also to open up many opportunities for Tasmania as a state.  This includes new businesses; employment opportunities and better access to Health Facilities, the list is endless.  Bass Strait should be the same price as a journey from Melbourne to Wagga.


Bass Strait is the CHEAPEST highway in Australia why do we have to PAY the most to USE IT!

National Sea Highway Facts