Tasmanian Transport Council began as an organisation under the name Tas Trucks in 1974.  To provide a voice for the Owner Operators within the Trucking Industry.

Meeting of representatives of Tasmanian Transport organizations  in the Council Chambers , Campbelltown, Tasmania, at 10.00 am on Saturday , 7th February 1976 .


Chairman : Mr .H. .J.  Cassell  - ( Secretary )  welcomed and introduced Organization Representatives,


              Bus  Proprietors’ Association of Tasmania                    

              Tasmanian  Livestock  Carriers’  Association,                                           Tasmanian  School  Bus  Association                                                        Tasmanian  Taxi & Hire  Car  Association ,                                               Tasmanian Timber  and  Log  Hauliers’  Association,                             Tasmanian  Farmers’ Federation                                                               Tasmanian  Road  Transport Association

              Launceston  Transport  Operators’  Association ,                                   The  Huon  Timber  Association .


It  was  unanimously  resolved  that  a  body, representative  of  all  road  transport  organizations  in  Tasmania,  be  formed .


Meeting  closed  at  12.35.pm.


The objectives of the organisation are:

Combine the strength of all transport operator organisations in Tasmania so that the Tasmanian Transport Industry can offer a united front and speak with a single voice on any and all matters affecting transport in Tasmania

Provide a forum for the Tasmanian Transport Industry to discuss problems and matters of common interest and concern and promote ideas for the benefit of the industry.

Liaise with key Government transport agencies, both Tasmanian and National, to ensure the best interest of TTC members and the Tasmanian Transport Industry as a whole are achieved

Act in the best interests of the Transport Industry in Tasmania to create desirable safety, business, and economic, legal, environmental and social outcomes

Promote the Transport Industry so that potential professional and well-trained persons will have access to long-term career opportunities in Tasmania.